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1.3Implement outstanding actions from existing audits


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The environmental performance of the community building portfolio is continuously improving.


There are three main ways the community building portfolio is reducing energy use:

  1. When building or renewing buildings these works are undertaken in accordance with our Sustainable Council Buildings Policy. This policy requires that major building projects are undertaken at a standard equivalent to or better than 4 Stars according to the Design and As Built Tool from the Green Building Council of Australia. You can read more about an update to this policy in Action 6.1.
  2. Council undertakes targeted retrofits. In 2018 and 2019, as part of an Energy Performance Contract Project we undertook over $2.5 million in energy saving retrofits at Council's main buildings. This work also identified a number of additional opportunities that continue to be implemented. New opportunities continue to be identified and implemented.
  3. Council implements a better for like approach when undertaking maintenance.

Recent work has included lighting upgrades at the Kew Depot and lighting upgrades at Lynden Recreation Reserve and Hawthorn Tennis Club are currently underway.

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Implement outstanding actions from audits completed prior to 2022.
(According to the action plan)

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Information updated 07/03/2023