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2.10Develop and deliver a weed swap initiative


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Swapping sneaky everyday weeds with local legends.


A weed swap initiative was implemented at the beginning of June 2022, with residents being offered indigenous tube stock vouchers to replace environmental weeds in their garden.

Environmental weeds are often common garden plants that invade natural bushland and displace local plants and animals. They compete with local plants for light, nutrients, and water, and provide poor habitat for wildlife.

Our environmental weeds booklet has information on the most serious environmental weeds currently threatening local biodiversity, and how you can identify, remove, and replace them.

For more information about the initiative and to apply for a voucher visit Manage weeds in your garden.

Official description

Develop and deliver a weed swap initiative that allows residents to access free indigenous plants in return for removing environmental weeds from their garden.
(According to the action plan)


What's left to do?

  • Todo01/01/2023

    Weed swap initiative ongoing

What has been done?

  • Done01/06/2022

    Weed swap initiative launched

Summary and contacts


01/06/2022 → Ongoing

Activity stage

Target audience

Contact persons

  • Main contact person Environmental Sustainability team

    Environmental Sustainability team

    City of Boroondara

Information updated 22/03/2023