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2.5Design and rebuild Maranoa Botanic Garden office space


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The Council have been looking for ways to further facilitate sustainability workshops/education opportunities within the community. Incorporating an environmental education facility into the rebuild of the office space within the Maranoa Botanic Garden was part of this.

Unfortunately, federal government funding for this project is not currently available as previously advised. We will continue to find ways to improve our facilities to support the community in our sustainable journey together.

Official description

Design and rebuild Maranoa Botanic Garden office space to include an environmental education facility (will be completed 2023/24).
(According to the action plan)

Summary and contacts


27/09/2021 → 30/06/2023

Activity stage

Target audience

Contact persons

  • Main contact person Environmental Sustainability team

    Environmental Sustainability team

    City of Boroondara

Information updated 02/08/2023