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5.11Develop and trial a modern cloth nappies education program.


  • Not started
  • Planning
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  • Completed
Cloth nappies trial complete.


In 2022, Council conducted a small-scale reusable nappy trial which included the provision of cloth nappy packs and the facilitation of educational workshops. Feedback is still being gathered by participants which will help inform future programs.

Council is also participating in a cross-council collaboration for a reusable nappy program, aimed at improving our understanding of how we can support the community to reduce disposable nappy waste.

Official description

Develop and trial a modern cloth nappies education program.
(According to the action plan)

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Summary and contacts


27/09/2021 → 30/06/2022

Activity stage

Target audience

Contact persons

  • Main contact person Environmental Sustainability team

    Environmental Sustainability team

    City of Boroondara

Information updated 22/03/2023