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1.10Update major road streetlight feasibility study


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The majority of residential streetlights within the City of Boroondara have been upgraded to more efficient technologies. These are mostly now T5 Fluorescent lights but any lights that need replacement are now being upgraded to LED.


Council shares responsibility with the Victorian Government for the costs associated with lights on major roads. In 2018, Councils in the Eastern Region of Metropolitan Melbourne collaborated to develop a business case for the upgrade of major road lights. This collaboration was undertaken as part of the Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (EAGA). You can find out more about EAGA and the business case via the links below.

Councils have been advocating to the Victorian Government to contribute their share of the costs to undertake the Major Road Light upgrades.

An update to the Feasibility Study and associated technical documents will be undertaken prior to any works being undertaken.

Residential Street Lights in Boroondara are generally owned by the Electricity Distributors Powercor and United Energy. The Electricity Distributors maintain the lights. Council is responsible for the costs to maintain and operate these lights. Council is able to fund upgrades but must negotiate these with the distributors about the upgrade process.

Official description

Update major road streetlight feasibility study and seek State Government funding to implement.
(According to the action plan)

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Information updated 22/03/2023