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1.9Continue to provide power monitors for electricity audits and thermal cameras to identify ‘leaky’ buildings for loan via the Boroondara Libraries. Provide instructions for these in multiple languages, as well as expand the offering to make portable induction cooktops available to borrow to try induction cooking before purchasing.


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Thermal Camera & Guide

Thermal Camera On

Home energy meters and thermal cameras are available to loan at most of our Council libraries. They are both easy to use and give useful information. There are many experiments you can do with them at home to help you make informed decisions about energy efficiency upgrades. Council is currently organising to expand this service to include the loaning of induction cooktops.

Thermal Camera

Thermal cameras are currently available at all libraries and include an instruction manual (see top right image).

This device enables the user to visualise the temperature of your target - hot spots and cool zones can indicate a target zones (see bottom right image). The product link below includes a demonstration video.

Boroondara Library catalogue link - thermal cameras

Product link - thermal camera (MSX® Thermal Camera - FLIR TG165-X)

Energy Monitor

This is a simple device for measuring how much electricity appliances use, and their running costs. There are two basic ways you can use an energy monitor:

  • Taking instantaneous power readings of an appliance; or
  • Measuring the energy of an application over a period of time (AusGrid, Power‐Mate Lite Instructions).

The model currently available at our libraries is the Power-Mate Light.

Boroondara Library catalogue link - energy monitors

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Information updated 02.06.2024