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5.7Participate in recycled glass sand trial


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Growing grass - recycled glass sand turf trial promising.


Sand is a key material used for providing a growing medium for field turf to be laid. It is also a mined natural resource which has limited supply.

Council is investigating the suitability of incorporating recycled glass sand as a growing medium to support Council’s vision to transition to a circular economy. If successful, this will potentially reduce the amount of sand waste sent to landfill and reduce the amount of virgin sand mined for maintaining sports fields.

Official description

Participate in an Australian first recycled glass sand trial to determine if it is a suitable growing medium for natural turf.
(According to the action plan)

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What's left to do?

  • Todo31/12/2023

    Live Site Trial

    The trial will go into the next phase, with a live site trial to occur at H.A. Smith Reserve (458 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn). The live trial will incorporate two small plots and likely run over the winter season.

What has been done?

  • Done31/12/2022

    Initial Trial

    SportEng (Sport Engineering Consultants) run the initial recycled sand turf trial. The trial site was 6m x 6mm with three marked zones. Three different medium mixed were used in each zone:

    • Trial plot 1: conventional quarried rootzone sand
    • Trial plot 2: recycled glass sand
    • Trial plot 3: 50/50 blend of conventional quarried rootzone sand and recycled glass sand

    Success was seen in a 50/50 mix of sand glass and turf sand, with further testing to come.

Summary and contacts

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  • Main contact person Environmental Sustainability team

    Environmental Sustainability team

    City of Boroondara

Information updated 22/03/2023