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1.4Continue to implement a solar PV bulk buy program for homes and businesses.


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The Solar Savers program was launched in Boroondara on 1 January 2022 offering Boroondara residents and businesses access to good value Solar PV systems.

If you’re thinking about installing solar for your home or business, help is at hand. We have partnered with the Solar Savers program, a local government initiative led by the Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action. This program will help you get:

  • Free and credible advice about solar energy and government rebates
  • A trusted solar installer, chosen through an assessment process.

Why the Solar Savers Program?

Installers have been independently evaluated on their safety, product quality and value for money. They can give you a quote tailored to your energy usage, to give you a clear indication of how much you can expect to save before choosing to install. They can also provide you with advice on pension and healthcare card benefits, and the current government rebate and loan offers, which can help to reduce the up-front costs of solar installation.

Summary and contacts

Information updated 24/01/2024