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2.15Expand our log hollow habitat enhancement to include hollow dependent birds


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Log hollow habitat expanded in parks, and more to come.


The distribution and abundance of hollow-bearing trees has been negatively impacted by urbanisation, highlighting the need to provide habitat supplementation for hollow dependent species, including a range of bird species.

We have begun installing log hollows to help support hollow dependent birds.

Photo - bird - Spotted Pardalote - shutterstock_1532239274 - 2022

Official description

Expand our log hollow habitat enhancement for sugar gliders program to include the installation and monitoring of log hollows for hollow dependent birds.
(According to the action plan)

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What's left to do?

  • Todo30/06/2023

    Install hollows for Yellow-Tailed Black-Cockatoos

    During 2023, 2 log hollows for Yellow-Tailed Black-Cockatoo will be installed at Nettleton Park.

What has been done?

  • Done01/12/2022

    Log hollows installed for Pardalotes and King Parrots

    • 10 log hollows for Pardalotes have been installed at South Surrey Park
    • 3 log hollows for King Parrots have been installed across Clifford Close Reserve and Greythorn Park

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  • Main contact person Environmental Sustainability team

    Environmental Sustainability team

    City of Boroondara

Information updated 22/03/2023